RF Thunder India, launched in 2021, is an insights-based communication consultancy that brings together ‘The Science & Art of Engagement’. With operations across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bengaluru, the firm integrates design, digital, and advocacy services to drive meaningful engagements. We harness the power of the visual narrative - words and ideas presented to motivate, sell, inspire, engage, and lead. Ruder Finn Thunder, India is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ruder Finn Group, one of the world’s largest independent, privately held agencies, headquartered in the US.

We offer strategic counsel and executional capabilities to help you achieve your objectives.

Corporate Reputation

At RF Thunder, our curious counsellors seek to learn about you, your ambitions and help align actions to communication strategies that help you engage your reputational eco-system more effectively, to positively shape your reputation.

  • Strategy development
  • C-Suite positioning
  • Intellectual Leadership
  • Market Leadership
  • People Leadership
  • Community Leadership
  • Executive workshops

Crisis and Issues

At RF Thunder, we believe the best preparedness for a crisis is developing a reputation program that positively builds the equity of the brand in peacetime, with stakeholders.

  • Crisis preparedness planning
  • Crisis and issues management

Government Affairs &
Public Policy

Knowing how to effectively navigate India’s complex political, legal, policy and regulatory landscape and how to communicate is what we do best.

  • Government Affairs
  • Public Policy


Identity matters and we help you transform. Using data and insights, we craft your story into the brand, its identity and narrative, helping you stand out and be noticed, by marketing your organizations performance and culture in an authentic and purposeful manner.

  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Execution

Digital and Social Media

In this ever-scrolling lifecycle of the consumer, we at RF Thunder are strategists, designers, and consultants. We embrace people–first (social) and are designed to deliver digital experiences (creative, UI/UX) which bring the consumer close (Data & Analytics) – to us and to your products.

  • Social, Content and ORM
  • Web/App development and management
  • Voice marketing
  • Paid marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Technology Development
  • Influencer marketing

It’s our overall proposition to bring together ‘The science and art of engagement’ for our clients.


● Qualitative Research
● Quantitative Research
● Desktop Research
● Deep analytics
● Stakeholder
Direction Arrows


● Campaign Strategy
● Creative Ideation
● Narrative Development
● Reputation Ecosystem
● Execution Frameworks
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● PESO Storytelling
● Stakeholder outreach
● Engagement
● Advocacy
● Design & Graphics
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● Campaign Output
● Business impact
● Performance
● Delivery
● Engagement
● Conversions

RF Thunder is a belief, a force that you do not see but rumbles within you. If you share similar values, want to learn, earn, and have fun while doing it, then RF Thunder is the place for you. The culture of our workplace is open, non-hierarchical, leaders’ mentor, teams think big and are not afraid of taking risks, failure and successes are collective, people are passionate and take pride in their work. Do good, do it right.

Inherent traits of a RF ThundeRager:

  • Innovators: Challenge the status-quo, think different, be curious – it’s not necessary to do different things always, but find ways to do the same things differently and better.
  • Collaborators: Power lies in the collective wisdom, teamwork, being compassionate – all in a supportive atmosphere of creativity, trust, loyalty, engagement and spirit.
  • Futureseekers: being curious - hungry to learn, where the insight is more pertinent than the data itself, anticipating change and always in the pursuit of excellence - if you can visualize the path, we help in making it your reality.
Our dynamic, brave new-thinkers, aim to change the world one day at a time.

The journey to us, is as important as the destination. If you have a requirement or simply wanted to understand how we work, get in touch.

New Delhi – Headquarters

10th Floor, Tower A,
Emaar Digital Greens,
Sector 61, Gurugram, 122102 
T: (0124) 4099100